FIYTA was established in 1987. Since its inception, FIYTA has been focusing on the ancient and continual innovative timepiece industry with modest and far-sighted vision. In 2011, FIYTA entered into International Brand Hall 1 of BaselWorld. Over 28 years of self-motivated progress, FIYTA has gradually become the wristwatch brand active in the worldwide.


At present, with the major development areas in provincial capitals in China, FIYTA has widely covered cities at all levels, and also has established Sales points in overseas countries and regions, including UK, Canada, UAE, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Hong Kong, etc. The global strategic layout has been shaped.


As the professional wristwatch brand, FIYTA specializes in design, research and development and sales business. With movement research and development ability, FIYTA has independently researched and developed tourbillon movement, space watch movement and automatic timing movement. FIYTA researches and develops new material for wristwatch, and the Titanium carbide ceramics developed by FIYTA Company is awarded China Patent Award of Excellence. In addition, FIYTA also researches and develops DLC surface treatment technology, researches aerospace intensified titanium material, and has maintained the patent for this material.  


Several FIYTA watches have been granted 2 IF Design Awards, 2 CIDF Best Design Awards, 3 Chinese Appearance Design Excellent Awards, 4 Chinese Innovation Design Red Star Awards, 6 Chinese Corporate Product Innovation Design Awards, and 19 China Beijing International Timepiece Exhibition Appearance Innovation Awards. Shenzhou VII extravehicular suit watch has been consecutively granted Red Dot Product Design Award 2010 and Chinese Appearance Design Gold Award. Chinese Manned Space Engineering21st Anniversary Collector’s Edition watch was granted Chinese Innovation Design Red Star Award 2013. 3D time-reading watch is granted Red Dot Award in 2014 again. While demonstrating the classical timepiece culture, FIYTA also always delivers the new up-and-coming proposition of life, and extends its own tradition.  In 2013, FIYTA was granted the most popular watch brand among netizens, annual consumer best reliable brand and Living Improvement Special Contribution Award of Chinese Annual New Prominent List.  

With watch making skill, in 2003, upon strict inspection of relevant aviation departments, FIYTA watch became the watch worn by Chinese astronauts. From Shenzhou V to Shenzhou X, FIYTA has provided the professional timing equipment, worn by astronauts both in the craft and extravehicular activities.

· In 2000, FIYTA sponsored Chinese gymnastics team to participate in the World Cup Competition and witnessed Chinese gymnasts to break the record in the world.

· In 2003, FIYTA became the timing watch for Asian Sailboat Championship.    


· In 2005, FIYTA became the timing watch for the tenth National Games. 


Every FIYTA watch not only condenses the aesthetic value of art and comfortable wearing feeling, but also contains the implication spirit corresponding to the wearer in the rigorous and exquisite design, manufacture and assembling, and the great event and culture that it is involved as well, which has always moved forwards persistently and had great ambition with the advocacy of aggressive spirit.


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Address: Room 1205, 12/F, Fiyta Hi-tech Building, Gao-xin Road South, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong

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